Who We Are

"All of our funds are dedicated to patient care and we reinvest any surplus in new services and facilities. St Andrew's represents the best of NHS and independent sector values with a record of excellence in recovery and outcomes for patients."

St Andrew’s is the UK’s leading charity providing specialist NHS care.

We are a unique and influential pioneer in mental health, with a reputation grown over 175 years.  We train clinical leaders for the future, share our knowledge widely and have a research centre, partnered with King’s College London.

We have sites in Northampton, Birmingham, Essex and Nottinghamshire where we provide specialist and secure care pathways in mental health and neuropsychiatry. We have national services for young people, women, men and older adults.

Our in-depth expertise includes trauma, personality disorder, psychosis, autism, learning disability, brain injury and progressive neurological conditions such as Huntington's disease and dementia.

We are a mindful employer of over 4000 valued people. Our comprehensive clinical teams deliver effective treatment, therapies and recovery and work with the criminal justice system and the courts as well as offering clinical consultancy, vocational rehabilitation and outpatient care.

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