Vocational opportunities

Workbridge provides people with mental health illness, learning disabilities, autism or brain injuries the opportunity to learn and develop work and life skills through a broad range of vocational opportunities.

We help people to find their independence, boost confidence and self-esteem, whilst learning new skills that will benefit them in the future. Service users form part of a supportive environment where they can meet new people, build relationships and feel part of a community.

Although many people with mental health problems want to work, there is actually very few who are given the chance to do so. Workbridge strives to give people these opportunities, helping them to realise their potential.

Offered through morning or afternoon sessions, service users can learn skills in:

Please view our vocational pathways page or click on the workshops to find out what service users can learn in each area.


Employment Support Service

As a service user develops their skills, our Employment Support Service works with local organisations to find opportunities that will enable a service user to step out of Workbridge and work within the community. This could be as a volunteering role or in paid employment. Whichever the case, the service will support a service user to:

  • develop a CV
  • improve interview technique
  • understand benefit changes
  • settle in a new workplace environment.


Work Placements

Our 12 week work placement scheme offers service users an employment taster in different work environments. The schemes aim to further expand a service users' experience and improve their confidence before moving into employment outside of Workbridge.


Being a Charity

As a Charity all our profits are invested back into patient care enriching the experience that a service user has when attending Workbridge.