Types of service

Secure services

We provide a comprehensive range of medium and low secure services, through innovative care pathways, to help support some of the most complex, challenging patients. We have dedicated, gender-specific services for men, women, older adults and adolescents.


Services for young people

Our national secure service for young people is the largest and most comprehensive service for adolescents in Europe.

Our practice and philosophy is to enhance engagement and enable skill acquisition within an environment of positive engagement.


Services for older people

We provide dedicated services for men and women with enduring mental health problems and challenging behaviour. With an age-appropriate environment and atmosphere, these services focus on progress and recovery.


Rehabilitation services

We work in partnership with the NHS to help support the most complex, challenging patients on a rehabilitation pathway back to the community or the least restrictive environment.


Community services

Education is important to our patients on their recovery journey. When they are ready, we provide support for them and other service users to build their confidence and skills to live in the community