Staff development

No one joins and leaves the Charity as the same person.

Martin Kersey, HR Director

One of the distinctive features of St Andrew’s is the calibre of everyone who works here. We know that our staff are our greatest asset and take our role as a good and ethical employer very seriously.


We have more than 4,300 staff across our sites from a wide range of disciplines, both clinical and non-clinical.

Learning and development as part of a career at St Andrew’s Healthcare

We encourage continuous learning and development in all parts of the Charity. Our aim is to make sure that our employees have the appropriate skills and knowledge, and we therefore invest significant time and resource in equipping each person for their role with us. We believe that this contributes directly to the quality of the care we provide. From this page you can download an outline of the 'St Andrew's 10' core behaviours that we particularly value in our staff.
From the first day that somebody works with us we provide training and development opportunities that are tailored to their role and incorporate both their individual needs and career aspirations. 
Whether you are considering becoming a consultant psychiatrist, an accountant, a gardener, an administrator, a nurse, a laundry assistant or a health worker - we offer unrivalled opportunities for you to develop and grow and to realise your full potential.

Welcome, orientation and core clinical skills

New staff members at St Andrew’s start their career journey at the ‘Welcome to St Andrew’s’ induction programme, which is hosted by the Charity's Chief Executive Officer and Directors. The purpose of the programme is to help everyone to understand what is expected of them and what they can expect from St Andrew's. This is followed by clinical skills development training appropriate to each person’s role. 
After this, a personal induction will provide information about the service, unit and patients so that each member of staff can perform effectively in their role. During this period individuals gain support from an allocated mentor. Further development is also encouraged; for example, healthcare assistants follow the University of Northampton accredited Learning Through Work programme. 
Each year the Charity invests in core skills refresher training for all staff - including volunteers and students - on a range of topics that will help St Andrew’s to achieve its aims. Delivery methods for this training include interactive e-learning models teamed with practical skills training, and this blended approach has been very well received.

Leadership and management development

Our dedicated team is available to offer advice to any employee, at any level and in any department, who is interested in their own development. The team provides transformation opportunities through guidance and the delivery of courses, workshops and coaching, mentoring, secondments, leadership development and support for continuing professional development (CPD). 
Using the expertise of both our internal training team and from partnerships with a number of highly regarded external training providers, we are able to provide a breadth of learning experience to individuals and teams to support their development.    
Our development courses are designed to enhance performance and support progression both within teams and professions. We offer a calendar of programmes focusing on specific business and individual needs. Staff determine their own development needs as part of their individual performance and development review (IPDR), which is carried out with their line manager twice a year.

Clinical and professional development

St Andrew’s recognises the need to ensure that all staff have the professional skills required to fulfil their roles. Within the Charity we have a wide and diverse number of different clinical and non-clinical 'job families', including nursing, social work, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, pharmacy, education,  psychology, catering, finance, human resources (HR), marketing, communications and information technology (IT).   
There are different professional development needs for each of these job families, encompassing skills, knowledge, qualifications and accreditations. The Charity supports staff across all disciplines to continue their professional development through a blended mix of internal training and development, external events and seminars, and profession-specific development. 
St Andrew's is leading the way with lifelong learning for mental healthcare nurses and has developed courses with the University of Northampton. Our academic partnerships support professional development through a range of accredited programmes, such as our bespoke Certificate of Higher Education in Mental Healthcare for our unqualified nursing and support staff – developed and delivered in partnership with the University of Northampton.