Psychiatric specialty training

A unique training experience

At St Andrew’s you will gain hands-on clinical experience within highly specialist services and clinical teams. The charity is ideally placed to support niche training options not widely available elsewhere, such as women's services, learning disability, adolescent mental health and brain injury. All training at St Andrew’s follows the new curriculum.

St Andrew’s can also provide training in areas such as research, management experience and service development that other providers may find hard to deliver. This is helped by working with universities and active research programme delivered by a dedicated team.


Adding value

And of course, St Andrew’s charitable status means that you will be working in a not-for-profit environment, despite being in the independent sector. You can acquire skills and experiences that will help add value to public services if returning to the NHS post-training.

As a GMC approved site for higher specialty training, we collaborate with Postgraduate Deaneries and Training Schemes around the country to ensure that clinical training at St Andrew’s integrates with and enhances your NHS training.

All trainers at St Andrew’s are up to date with modern assessment methods such as WPBA.


Flexible and varied training opportunities

At St Andrew’s there are also rich internal training opportunities such as management training, links with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, a structured CPD programme, training in validated risk assessment tools and conferences run on site such as ‘Consultant Interview Skills Training’.

Because we do not rely on trainees for service provision, we are flexible in the placements we can offer, allowing you to prioritise your training needs. All of our placements are able to support trainees in less than full time or flexible training.

If you'd like an informal chat or would like to visit one of our sites, please contact Katina Anagnostakis.