Policies and publications

“…they are helping to tackle health inequalities and deliver a high quality health service for everyone.”

Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive, Stonewall in Healthcare Equality Index Report 2014
Policies and other documents such as guidelines, procedures and information leaflets help us to work well and to the required standards.


Following feedback from patients and carers we have included useful guidance and information documents. These are available in the download section.

How we manage our policies and other ways of working

We have a template document which helps us to make sure we have considered relevant things, like who is responsible for what, when a policy will be reviewed, what procedures and posters relate to a particular policy. We use a tool called 'equalities analysis' to help us think about the opportunities for ways we work to help people, and to help us check ways we work do not discriminate against people for example because of their sexual orientation or disability (these are sometimes called 'equalities impacts and outcomes').

We involve patients and staff in:

  • developing policies
  • agreeing ward rules
  • agreeing how we run community meetings
  • developing information leaflets
  • developing posters and displays.

We hope that this range of information will help everyone to understand the information they need. If people require information in other ways, we help them, for example, staff may read out information or specialist speech and language therapists may provide support.

Where people need information in other languages, we can use specialist translation and interpreter services to help with this.


Documents open as a PDF file in a new window.
Alternative Word format


Care Programme Approach (CPA) - Easy Read  
Food and Patient Choice - Easy Read  
Safeguarding guide: Keeping everyone safe - Easy Read Word
Making a complaint and giving feedback - Easy Read  
Our Promise: Open and honest care - poster  
Carer's Guide  
Carer's Guide - Easy Read Word

Strategies and policies

Carers, Friends Families and Strategy  
Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy Word
Human Rights introduction - Easy Read  
Patient Experience and Involvement Strategy  
St Andrew’s College complaints policy