Life as a Nurse Manager

Our Nurse Managers are generally the most senior and experienced nurses in any multi-disciplinary team.

They attend rounds and care plan update meetings, and take responsibility for the quality of the professional nursing input into patient care.

Pete and Dave, Nurse Managers in our Northampton-based adolescent service, tell us more about their role:

Nursing and patient care

It’s easy to forget that mostly we are nurses. We ensure that the standards expected by our professional body, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, are upheld on our unit. We ensure that staff on our teams hold the correct up-to-date professional registration and also that the standard of nursing expected by the Charity is upheld.

We have a responsibility for ensuring that all patients are safe. We prepare duty rotas, manage annual leave, plan for training requirements and are responsible for covering vacancies.

We ensure that pre-admission assessments for patients involve a member of the nursing team and so we will often travel around the country for assessments before a patient is admitted.


We are accountable for the environment on the units. Our patients deserve to be cared for in clean, well decorated and well equipped services.

Nurse Managers are at the forefront of projects such as those seeking to cut down on waste and make better use of resources.

Reporting and reviews

Nurse Managers manage budgets and also make sure that their area is fully compliant with the Charity’s audit expectations.

We meet very tight deadlines on the reporting of serious and untoward incidents. For incident recordings, we check everything is correctly logged and that lessons learned are shared.

We contribute to a number of quality networks as reviewers, and we visit other services in order to get new ideas, and to offer advice on how others can improve.

Finally, we tend to be all things to all people! We respond to requests from patients, staff, senior management, commissioners, inspection teams, relatives and sometimes the public.