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Governor Earl Spencer Chapel
Governor Earl Spencer 1839
St Andrew's Chapel was built in 1863
Poet John Clare Dr Thomas Williams
Poet John Clare was admitted in 1841
Dr Thomas Williams in 1864
St Andrew's Main Building Moulton Park Houe and Farm
The Main Building in 1869
Moulton Park House and Farm in 1879
Bryn-y-Neuadd Hall Superintendent Dr Bayley
Bryn-Neuadd Hall, Wales purchased in 1900
Superintendent Dr Bayley in 1907
Hospital Superintendent Dr Daniel Rambaut in 1915 The Great Hall
Superintendent Dr Daniel Rambaut in 1915
The Great Hall in 1922
Superintendent Dr Thomas Tennent Nursing staff
Superintendent Dr Thomas Tennent in 1943 
Nursing staff in 1950
Diana, Princess of Wales Essex
Diana, Princess of Wales opened our
admission unit for women  in 1981
St Andrew''s Essex opened in 2000
Birmingham Nottinghamshire
St Andrew's Birmingham opened in 2008
St Andrew's Nottinghamshire opened in 2010
William Wake House FitzRoy House
A new facility in Northampton,
William Wake House, opened in 2010
FitzRoy House, purpose built to care for
children and adolescents, opened in January 2017