How we involve you in your care

"The service is good. Staff listen well to what you have to say and your needs are met."

A patient, St Andrew’s Birmingham

St Andrew’s involves patients, families, carers, staff and the wider community in improving patient experience and outcomes.

Man talking to carer on a bench

We use a range of methods to gather feedback about the care we provide, including comments, complaints and compliments. Patients and volunteers help us to collect feedback and analyse what people have said and we value the personal insights that people can provide. This feedback helps us to make positive improvements for the patients in our care.

At St Andrew’s we:

  • ask people who use our services for their views
  • involve patients in shaping and planning, reviewing and improving the services we provide and let them know what has changed as a result of their feedback
  • involve patients in planning and managing their care and work with them to create opportunities for a fulfilling life and recovery
  • treat everyone with dignity and respect, taking into account their personal diverse needs.


We do this through our:

  • BENNS Patient Recovery Forum – this brings together patients from all our services who decide the issues they would like to tackle, meet with senior staff and help to make improvements across the Charity
  • Patient Recovery Forum meetings – these involve patients who help make improvements and work on things of interest to them
  • Community Group meetings – these involve all patients and staff and may be used to discuss food, issues, news and opportunities
  • patient surveys
  • patient focus groups
  • patient experience drop-ins and events
  • comments, complaints and compliments systems
  • safeguarding systems which are used to report any concerns, including discrimination
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy service, which supports people to have a voice.

We always report back to let people know what we have done as a result of their feedback.