Help with caring

Carers can be vulnerable and need emotional support. They may need help with health and money issues.


We are committed to making sure we respect the rights of both the carer and the patient. Our strategy for carers, friends and family, which you can download from this page, sets out our commitment to recognise and address your needs.

We hope that this information will help you as a carer, particularly while your loved one is being cared for by us.


Carer’s assessment

Your local authority can provide an assessment to see what support you need to provide care and will work with you to help you avoid becoming very stressed or unwell. Even if the person you are caring for does not want any help you can still have a carer’s assessment that can help you to balance your caring with other parts of your life.


Privacy and rights to information

We need the right information about the people who use our services so that we can make sure patients and their carers get the right care, treatment and support. While the person you care for is our patient, we have to make sure that you have the information you need to help you.

The patient has the right to keep information about their treatment private and if this choice is made our staff will make sure you and the patient understand what that means for both of you. If you want to see the healthcare records for the person you care for you must ask them if they will agree for you to see this information.


As a carer you will be given information about:

  • mental health problems
  • where to get more information
  • different treatments for mental health problems
  • services for people with mental health problems
  • what to do if you are worried about the person you care for
  • who to contact in an emergency
  • how to manage mental health problems at difficult times – like when the person leaves St Andrew’s.


Care Act 2014

The law about carers has been changing. The Act creates a single, consistent route to establishing an entitlement to public care and support for all adults with needs for care and support. It also creates the first ever entitlement to support for carers, on a similar basis.

You can find a range of fact sheets about the duties and powers of local authorities in future, your rights and help here. These cover topics including general responsibility, who is entitled, assessments and eligibility, funding, charging, personal care and support planning.