Equality, diversity and human rights

“…they are helping to tackle health inequalities and deliver a high quality health service for everyone.”

Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive, Stonewall in Healthcare Equality Index Report 2014

We recognise that everyone is an individual and we listen to our patients, their families, and our staff to support them all to achieve their goals.


We provide opportunities for patients to learn new skills, develop hobbies and gain work experience, all of which improve health and wellbeing. Patients are encouraged to be involved in planning their care and treatment – and developing our services. We recognise that families and carers have valuable roles in helping patients to recover and supporting patients in the community.

We value feedback that helps us to continue to improve our services and regularly take part in schemes that require people in leading organisations to check our work. They compare us with how other organisations are doing and we value their feedback, opinions and ideas. They help to celebrate what we do well as well as help us identify where we can improve.


We take part in the following schemes, which require external experts to check how we work:

Stonewall Healthcare Equality Index

This is a tool for health organisations to assess their progress in meeting the health and wellbeing needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people and we have been recognised as a top performer. We have risen in the national rankings each year, coming first in 2015. Our patient experience and engagement work has been highlighted for excellence, as case studies in the national reports in 2014 and 2015. 

Louder than Words Charter Mark Scheme

We are working towards achieving the Louder than Words Charter Mark. This will help us to be sure we are meeting the needs of people who are Deaf or have some level of hearing impairment. We completed the first stage assessment in January 2015, receiving some very positive feedback. We are now working through an action plan, making further improvements to reach the charter mark standards in all areas of our work.

Race for Oppportunity

A race equality campaign from Business in the Community, which supports and challenges employers to work pro-actively on race and cultural diversity in their organisations.


Workforce Equality and Diversity

We also take part in the following, which all require experts to check how we work:

  • Investors In People
  • Two Ticks Employer
  • Mindful Employer Charter.
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