Education and training

St Andrew’s is dedicated to training a range of medical, nursing and allied health professions. We welcome students and postgraduates on placements from several universities.

We deliver postgraduate supervision and training for a series of professions, including Clinical Fellows who are advanced trainees in psychiatry, and Masters degree and doctoral students across the professions from King’s College London and the University of Northampton.

Our team is vastly experienced and can offer development in a range of specialist psychiatric services beyond the scope of many providers, through four training centres, all with modern, high-quality facilities and access to staff benefits such as on-site cafes and sports facilities:

  • Northampton is the St Andrew’s headquarters and home to adolescent mental health, national secure services for men and women, learning disability, brain injury and the Charity’s research team
  • Birmingham is a regional centre providing men’s and women’s services
  • Nottinghamshire is a regional centre specialising in services for men with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and learning disability (LD)
  • Essex is a regional centre specialising in low-secure provision for men and women with a forensic history or personality disorders.


Medical specialty training

We support and complement the NHS in training future consultant psychiatrists, whilst staying true to public sector principles.

St Andrew’s offers a good representation of trainers and supports aspects of the new curriculum that many other providers will find hard to deliver.


Training nurses and allied health professions

We have always welcomed undergraduate healthcare professionals across the full range of clinical disciplines, with a large programme for nurses and therapists training at the University of Northampton.

In addition we have many research staff gaining practical experience of research and care in advance of their higher professional training.

We have also developed a full pathway of bespoke short courses and higher educational opportunities for all healthcare staff, developed with the University of Northampton and other institutions.

The Charity’s employees have access to specialised training for certificates and diplomas, providing routes to degree and postgraduate studies. In addition we run a vibrant weekly programme of continuing professional development.


If you would like an informal chat or want to organise a visit to one of our sites, please contact Katina Anagnostakis or Ged Rogers