We are a small, vibrant team managing internal and external communications for St Andrew’s.

We are responsible for the Charity’s corporate communications, including publications, media relations, social media channels and internal communications. We provide support for strategic initiatives, and manage selected events on the Charity’s behalf.

We are committed to the Charity’s mission to provide the best possible care to as many people as possible. We aim to ensure that all of our communications are clear and compassionate. We support work to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and other complex health conditions, through raising awareness.

Roles in Communications

St Andrew’s is a rewarding place to develop your career in communications. Team members have individual areas of responsibility, but we support each other, which means you will have an opportunity to use and develop your skills on numerous projects.

The communications team at St Andrew’s is relatively new, and roles are shaped depending on the needs of the Charity at the time of recruitment. Over the past couple of years we have employed both junior and more senior, experienced members of staff.

Your first year with us

Whatever your level of experience, we will expect you to learn about the Charity and develop your understanding of mental health and the full range of services that we provide.

St Andrew’s offers a broad range of training opportunities that will support your in your role, but you will also have the opportunity to access training that is specifically provided for communications professionals.

We regularly arrange training events for the whole team, whether these are offered in house, or by an external agency. These are valuable opportunities to build our working relationships with each other, enabling us to work in a friendly, supportive environment and to be as effective as we can be in our day-to-day work.