For carers, friends and family

“Having my family visit me or writing or phoning me helps my recovery”

A St Andrew’s Northampton patient

A carer is an important part of the support network for a relative, partner or friend. As a carer you can be involved in decisions about the help given to the person you care for and you are entitled to help.


At St Andrew's we believe it is important to communicate effectively with you as carers, families and friends, and involve you in our patients' care and treatment. We also want to provide you with support to help maintain your own health and wellbeing.

The Charity has developed a strategy you can download from this page, which sets out our commitment to the carers, families and friends of our patients, including ensuring staff are aware of your needs.

This section provide practical information on visiting patients at St Andrew's as well as more information on how we work with carers, the implications of the Mental Health Act and what to do if you want to provide feedback on our services.

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