Care pathways

To support our new strategy to provide world-class holistic care, we restructured the Charity into care pathways on 1 July 2015.


This means that patients with similar needs are cared for within a specific pathway, and our regional sites are now providing care as part of these pathways. Each pathway is run by a single management team responsible for providing care from admission to discharge.

Our pathways allow us to provide more specialist care tailored to individual patients with similar, but complex mental health needs. Multidisciplinary teams work with patients to empower them to achieve as much independence as possible.

Patients are treated with dignity and respect. Any risks they present and their clinical needs are addressed in the most suitable and least restrictive environment. Care is designed for the individual, not just the condition. There are clear transitional steps through each pathway to support patients in their progress.


The six pathways are:

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