Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) - therapeutic programmes and specialist interventions

At St Andrew’s our care programmes vary widely but share common themes built from the wide range of therapeutic programmes we offer.

  • psychology and psychosocial programmes
  • pragmatics sessions run by speech and language therapy experts
  • occupational therapy activities
  • nurse-led activities
  • regular one-to-one sessions
  • weekend activities.

A range of psychological therapies are adapted for each individual to support new skill development and address offending behaviours:

  • sexual offending and/or inappropriate sexual behaviour
  • arson/fire setting
  • managing anxiety and anger
  • improving social understanding and communication
  • managing sensory difficulties.

Preparing for community reintegration

At the point of admission we start to consider the patients likely discharge date and destination.

During the CPA meetings, which takes place after three months and then subsequently every six months progress towards discharge is discussed and planning work continues.

The discharge plan is developed and the St Andrew’s re-integration team work with local community teams to manage the transition. The team work with the patient to ensure we provide continuity of care and achieve a successful community transition.

For particularly complex patients St Andrew’s is able to offer highly bespoke community care packages where the amount of input and involvement varies according to the patient’s individual need. Any package put in place is agreed with the commissioner in advance.