About St Andrew's

Everyone at St Andrew’s Healthcare is dedicated to transforming the lives of people with the greatest mental health needs.


Our Charity has an excellent reputation around the world built on more than 175 years of experience. Today we continue to build world-class mental healthcare services which put people first. As a charity all our surpluses are reinvested in improved patient care.

We train clinical leaders for the future through our teaching programme . We work in partnership with universities around the country and our research is improving understanding of mental health. We share our knowledge widely through our annual conference and events programme.


Our services

We provide specialist and secure care pathways for mental health, learning disability, autistic spectrum disorders and neuropsychiatry and have national secure services for young people, women, men and older adults.

Our multidisciplinary professional teams work with our patients and their families and carers to provide effective treatment and therapies that support long-term improvement in quality of life and more independent living.

As well as inpatient services we also provide criminal justice in-reach and clinical consultancy, vocational rehabilitation and outpatient care.


Our people

We know that our positive and dedicated members of staff make a real difference to the quality of care we provide. Across the Charity we aim to be supportive and understanding for our patients, their families, carers and everyone in the St Andrew’s community. Everyone is expected to be accountable and proactive and to do what they say they will do. We value respect, integrity, openness and honesty. We are all committed to excellence, innovation and learning and always aim to do everything well.